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What is a Mission?

  • A mission is the plan to achieve in your goals.
  • It is the plan that makes your dreams come true.
  • It is a guided path.
  • It is a plan-of-action.

What is the difference between a Vision and a Mission?

  • A vision is the sight you set for the future.
  • It is the dream that you want to make it come true.

  • A mission is the plan and steps you take to make this happen.
  • It is the path you take to get you to your destination.

Why are vision and mission so important in realizing your dreams?

  • A vision without a plan will always be a dream!
  • A vision with a plan is how you make that dream come true!

  • A dream does not come true when you wake up in the morning.
  • But a dream will come true when you act on it, and make it happen.

  • That's what a mission is.
  • You can have a mission only if you have a vision.
  • A mission without a vision will get you nowhere!

  • Vision and mission go hand-in-hand if you ever want to reach your target.

How Do You Plan Your Mission?

  • We offer a coaching process where we help you make realistic plans to achieve life goals.

  • A well thought-out plan will facilitate you in your success path.
  • A poorly conceived plan will often lead to failure, frustration, and discourage future attempts.
  • That's why it's so important to find the right coach with the expertise to help you prevent unnecessarily griefs, disappointments and frustrations.

The Secrets of Planning Your Mission

  • There are many secrets in successful planning.
  • These secrets are proven to be practical in the real-world based on our research.
  • Whether the mission will succeed or fail depends on how realistic and tactful your planning is.

  • A mission without adequate planning is often doomed to fail. (The Iraq War is a classic example!)
  • A mission with prudent planning that predicts future outcomes and avoid pitfalls often succeeds.

  • We hold the secrets of how to plan with foresight — it will save you from unnecessary failure.
  • We can help you make your plans successful in our coaching process.
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