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Self-Assessment Profile Tools and Instruments — Key to Success

  • The first step in self-discovery is the ability to assess who you are and what you have in yourself — so you know the strengths, weaknesses and potentials in yourself.

  • Accurate self-assessment is the key to success.

  • The ability to use “tools” effectively to accomplish goals is what intelligence is about.
  • Choosing the right tool (vs. the wrong tool) can make a difference in success vs. failure.

Why Do We Need Self-Assessment?

  • Although most people think they know who they are, our research shows that over 90% of the population is incongruent with their true-self.
  • That is because it is not easy to see our own filters and blind-spots.
  • The perception of ourselves is often very different from the true picture of who we are.

  • This means over 90% of us are unaware of their true nature, and don't even know what are holding them back in life.
  • In other words, majority of the population does not know where their potentials lie, let alone tap into their best assets and strengths.

Why is It So Important to Find the Right Self-Assessment Instrument?

Having the accurate instrument to assess one's ability is the key —
   to open up your opportunities to allow you to tap into your potentials and strengths.

These assessment tools can bring into light:
   * what you are good at,
   * what your areas of strengths are,
   * what your true wants and needs are that make you happy and satisfy in life.

The last thing you want to have is an instrument that mislabel you or stereotype you —
   it won't help you improve yourself and cause you griefs instead.

Why Other Self-Assessment Tools Fall Short of Truly Assessing Your Ability?

The problem with most other assessment instruments (especially some well-known personality profiles) in the market is that —
   they only assess your self partially,
   ending up incorrectly identifying you or
   mislabeling you.

They often identity the characteristics on the day you took the profile —
   which means if you take it on a good day, you will be typed as a positive person;
   but if you take it on a bad day, you will be stereotyped as a negative person —
   which is far from true.

They often do not identify the true-self from the acquired-self or the false-self, which often end up mislabeling you and/or put you in a box or stereotyping you.

The effects are detrimental rather than beneficial.

What is Unique in Our Self-Assessment Instrument Tools?

We have a set of highly-accurate, patented self-assessment instruments (including CORE MAP®) that are proven to be correctly identify one's:
  •    true-self vs. acquired-self or adopted-self,
  •    in-born traits vs. acquired or learned traits,
  •    nature vs. nurture influences,
  •    natural intrinsic wants and needs vs. extrinsic external desires,
  •    preferences vs. perceptual biases,
  •    filters,
  •    blind-spots,
  •    in-born character traits vs. learned behaviors,
  •    coping strategies — whether these strategies are effective coping skills for you,
  •    stress level,
  •    source of stress,
  •    positivity vs. negativity traits — whether the traits you developed are positive or negative,
  •    developmental level — whether your character traits are well-developed or under-developed,
  •    congruency — whether you live congruently with your nature or not
  •    authenticity — whether you live your life that is true to yourself and in harmony.

  • Our self-assessment tools are the most comprehensive set of instruments that accurately pinpoint your core-self.
  • You can see it for yourself the difference between our profile and the others when you compare the profiles side-by-side.

Our Self-Assessment Profiling Tools and Instruments are:

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