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CORE™ Profiles and Other Personality Profiles Compared


Profile Attributes


Measures current behaviorial patterns

yes yes yes yes

Adds to self-understanding

yes yes yes yes

Identifies positive and negative behaviors

yes yes yes yes
Identifies preferred attitudes and functions yes   yes  
Reveals coping skills under stress yes yes    
Identifies nature from nurture yes      

Measures degree of functioning in positive and negative modes


Identifies range of positive, negative & midzone behaviors

Identifies coping patterns and development levels for all possible traits yes      
Indicates if current functioning is contrary to nature yes      
Reveals negative conditioning if it exists yes      

Personality-type is easy to remember and immediately identify with self

Difficult to skew (has built-in self-checking capability for inconsistencies) yes      
  • Multidimensional - Compares
    • self-perception (looking inward)
    • natural tendencies of interactions in the world (looking outward)
    • current functioning (snapshot of yourself)
    • reactivity to stress, coping patterns, tolerance levels and personal effectiveness for a more complete picture
Facilitated and interpreted by certified professionals trained to discover incongruence and guide clients to true self-awareness yes      
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