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CORE MAP® Multi-Dimensional Assessment Profile

  • CORE MAP® is a comprehensive self-assessment instrument that provides a profile of a person's character traits at many different angles — multi-dimensional.
  • It is a patented self-assessment instrument that is proven to be highly accurate in identifying a person's intrinsic character traits — our nature.

What Does CORE MAP® Reveal?

It reveals a person's:
  • own subconscious perception — how we see ourselves;
  • own in-born preferences — similar to the handedness preference;
  • own developmental level — how well our character traits are developed;
  • current functioning ability — i.e., how we operate at the current moment;
  • current stress level — how much pressure we are experiencing;
  • current coping skills — how we handle stress under pressure;
  • reactivity level — how reactive we are to criticism or pressure;
  • maturity level — how well developed we are in tapping into our nature;
  • congruency/incongruency — how true we are to our nature;
  • internal conflicts — how consistent we are within our own core values;
  • authenticity — how authentic we are without pretense or denial;
  • comfort zone — how comfortable we are with ourselves;
  • risk-taking ability — how much risk we take in life;
  • emotional level — how emotional we are;
  • sociability — how social we are with people;
  • decisiveness — how decisive we are in decision-making;
  • loyality — how loyal we are to ourselves and others;
  • organizational skills — how organized we are in life;
  • spontaneity — how spontaneous we are in life;
  • leadership ability — how much of a leader we are;
  • positivity — how positive we are;
  • negativity — how negative we are;
  • and much more...

Why is CORE MAP® so unique — Setting It Apart From Other Profiles?

  • It is a multi-dimensional profile because it assesses multiple aspects of a person's ability, perception, preferences, developmental levels, coping strategies, positive and negative traits.
  • It's like taking a picture of a person at multiple angles to get a full and comprehensive picture of a person.
  • It looks at the full person instead of one aspect of a person.
  • Most importantly, it reaveals the difference between the true self and the adopted self — it identifies nature from nurture!

Why CORE MAP® Not Just Yet-Another-Personality-Profile?

CORE MAP® is much more than a personality profile in which:
  •    It identifies true-self vs. adopted-self, acquired-self or false-self.
  •    It identifies true nature vs. nurtured traits.

  •    It identifies false perception in oneself — psychological filters.
  •    It identifies the blind-spots in self-perception.

  •    It identifies false preference in oneself — misplaced desires, wants and needs.
  •    It identifies the discrepancies between wants and needs.

  •    It identifies the intrinsic needs to fulfill if one were to be happy.
  •    It identifies the emotional and intellectual needs.

  •    It identifies the stress factors and the source of stress.
  •    It identifies the coping strategies and coping skills.

  •    It identifies the positive vs. negative character traits.
  •    It identifies the impulsivity vs. maturity level.

  •    It identifies the developmental level in maturity.
  •    It identifies whether the character traits are well-developed, under-developed or un-developed.

  •    It identifies the organizational skills and decision-making skills.
  •    It identifies the risk-taking behaviors and comfort zones.

What is the CORE MAP® Profile?

  • CORE MAP® is a self-reporting instrument.
  • It is consisted of 3 parts.
  • The three parts measure self-perception, self-preference and developmental level.
  • CORE MAP® is the combination of the CORE ACE™ and CORE PEP™ profiles.

How Can We Assess a Person's Profile So Accurately?

  • CORE MAP® is not just a computerized profile, unlike most other profiles.
  • The assessment does not stop at the completion of the profile questionnaire.

  • It is a comprehensive package that includes analysis and coaching by our expert coach facilitator.
  • We spend a minimum of 2 hours in the follow-up assessment to analyze and interpret the profile report with our clients.

  • All profiles are assessed by a human expert — our coach — to ensure its accuracy.
  • We verify and confirm each and every aspect of the profile with our clients to ensure that our clients agree with our analysis.

  • We assess and review our client's profile objectively and non-judgmentally in the coaching process.
  • We validate our instrument with scientific research.

Who Are the Typical Clients that Take CORE MAP® profiles?

  • For professional clients:
  • They are the corporate clients who like to assess their employee's best assets and strengths.
  • They are the corporate clients who like to re-organize their company's employee placements.
  • They are the potential hires of corporate clients in the pre-hire screening process.
  • They are the business-owners who like to assess their potentials in maximizing their business ability.
  • They are the corporate clients who like to obtain anonymous feedback assessment of employees using the “360 Process” — profiling a person by a third-party.

  • For individual clients:
  • They are the individuals who want to discover more about their true-self and true nature.
  • They are the individuals who want to discover more about their relationships.
  • They are the couples who want to improve on their relationships.
  • They are the family who wants to improve on their family dynamics.
  • They are the individuals who are tired of counseling, and want to move forward by taping into their strengths instead of dwelling on the weaknesses or flaws.

What is the Process Involved in Taking the CORE MAP® Self-Assessment Profile?

  1. (1) Complete payment of the “CORE MAP package” via a secured server.
  2. (2) You will be directed to the instructions how to take the on-line profile at your convenience.
  3. (3) An automatic message will be sent to us notifying of the completion of your profile.
  4. (4) We will contact you to set up a phone appointment for the 2-hour follow-up analysis.
  5. (5) You will be granted the access of your profile report with additional instructions sent to you.
  6. (6) We will interpret, analysis and confirm the assessment with you in the 2-hr follow-up session.
  7. (7) We will coach you to bring you to a deeper level of self-awareness with the assessment.

  8. If you decide to continue further with your self-discovery and self-exploration journey to tap into the potentials you discover in the initial self-assessment process, we can set up arrangement for subsequent coaching sessions, which will be charged at per-hourly basis.

  9. We also offer special discount for multiple profiles or extended coaching sessions.
  10. (Please contact us for additional info.)

How Much Does CORE MAP® Cost?

  • For a limited time, the CORE MAP® Package costs $149.95 at a discounted price.
  • It includes 2-hour follow-up analysis and interpretation by a human expert — our coach.
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