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CORE ACE™ — Abbreviated Congruence Evaluation Profile

  • CORE ACE™ is an abbreviated version of Parts 1 and 2 of the CORE MAP® profile
  • It is a patented self-assessment instrument that is proven to be highly accurate in identifying a person's intrinsic character traits, and determines if there is any incongruency in those traits.

What Does CORE ACE™ Measure?

  • It is used to measure the congruency between self-perception and current functioning.
  • It indicates whether a person's perception is congruent with their nature or their current functioning level.
  • It is an abbreviated version of CORE MAP® to assess the congruency level if there is only limited time to administer the profile.

What are the Typical Uses of CORE ACE™?

  • It is an excellent, quick-and-easy administer tool to use in workshop settings when time does not allow full exploration provided by CORE MAP®.
  • It indicates whether self-perception matches with current functioning — i.e., congruency.
  • If they don't match, it can provide the groundwork for further exploration using CORE MAP®.

Why Is It Important to Determine Incongruency in Behaviors?

  • Incongruency in behavior occurs when a person acts in contrary to his/her true nature.
  • Incongruent behaviors are often negative and ineffective, and are surprise to others.

  • Negative and ineffective behaviors are often the result of negative conditioning.
  • This is how circumstances can make us act negatively because of the pressure.

  • Incongruent nature often causes dilemmas, confusion, frustration, irritability, and inefficiency.
  • When an person realizes that negative conditioning that may have been holding them back, they can begin the transformational process to make positive changes, and become more effective.

What Insights Can CORE ACE™ Bring?

The insights can allow a person to:
  •    communicate better,
  •    resolve conflicts,
  •    motivate and persuade others,
  •    manage more effectively,
  •    work better in teamworks, and
  •    manage change more efficiently.

Should You Choose CORE ACE™ or CORE MAP®?

  • You should take CORE ACE™ if you have only limited-time to administer the profile to assess a person's congruency, such as in a workshop environment.
  • Otherwise, CORE MAP® is more appropriate to give you a much more comprehensive profile to assess a person's true self.

Who Are the Clients that Take CORE ACE™ profiles?

  • For professional clients:
  • They are the corporate clients who like to assess their employee's best assets and strengths.
  • They are the corporate clients who like to re-organize their company's employee placements.
  • They are the potential hires of corporate clients in the pre-hire screening process.
  • They are the business-owners who like to assess their potentials in maximizing their business ability.

  • For individual clients:
  • They are the individuals who want to discover more about their true-self and true nature.
  • They are the individuals who want to discover more about their relationships.
  • They are the couples who want to improve on their relationships.
  • They are the family who wants to improve on their family dynamics.
  • They are the individuals who are tired of counseling, and want to move forward by taping into their strengths instead of dwelling on the weaknesses or flaws.

What is the Process Involved in Taking the CORE ACE™ Self-Assessment Profile?

  1. (1) Complete payment of the “CORE ACE package” via a secured server.
  2. (2) You will be directed to the instructions how to take the on-line profile at your convenience.
  3. (3) An automatic message will be sent to us notifying of the completion of your profile.
  4. (4) You will be granted the access of your profile report with additional instructions sent to you.

  5. If you decide to continue further with your self-discovery and self-exploration journey to tap into the potentials you discover in the initial self-assessment process, we can set up arrangement for subsequent coaching sessions, which will be charged at per-hourly basis.

  6. We also offer special discount for multiple profiles or extended coaching sessions.
  7. (Please contact us for additional info.)

How Much Does CORE ACE™ Cost?

  • For a limited time, CORE ACE™ profile costs $99.95 at a discounted price.
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