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The Personal Best™ is a multifaceted company established in to promote the development of personal growth to bring out the true colors in us by bridging the science of brain research and the art of coaching and empowerment.

Founding Principles

The Personal Best™ is founded to help you experience this self-discovery process. We apply the science of human engineering into an art of appreciating the beauties in ourselves, and living them!

Research and Development

We use the state-of-the-art brain technology based on our research and development at the Mind Brain Institute to help you formulate your own path to success and happiness.

Our research shows that there is no just one path or one formula to success or happiness! You are the creator of your own success.

Our research and development provided us with the tools to customize your path to realize your goals sooner.

Life Coaching

Because we are all unique and special, your success formula may be very different from another person's.

That's why we are here to help you custom design your own search path to success and happiness in the coaching process.

Life Coaching / Personal Coaching / Professional Coaching

  • Because human development continues throughout life, there are many aspects of our talents that may not reach their potential unless we discover and harvest them.  We would like to coach you to reach your fullest potential.

  • Because our potential for growth is also multidimensional, there are many areas that you can be good at but haven’t discovered them yet.  We would like to bring out the best in you and show the true colors of everything you’ve got.

  • We are specialized in interpersonal relationships and personality profiles, and licensed from NaviCore International, Inc. to use the patented CORE MAP® (Multidimensional Awareness Profile) to help you identify your authentic self.
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