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What is a True-Self?

  • True-self is the inner-self that you are born with.
  • It is the natural person in you.
  • It is the core person, who you are, unspoiled by nurture or environment.
  • It is the authentic-self that is true to yourself without pretense or filters.
  • It is who you are without being judgmental or in denial.

What is an Adopted-Self?

  • Adopted-self is the outer-self that you acquired.
  • It is the nurtured person, different from the natural self.
  • It is the acquired-self, who you became, altered by environment and experience.
  • It is the false-self that is unnatural to yourself behind the filters.
  • It is who you are in disguise, most often subconsciously or unconsciously.

Why Discovering Your True-Self is so Important?

  • Because the incongruency between the true-self and adopted-self creates conflicts in life without you knowing it.
  • These conflicts will not disappear unless you are in congruent with your true nature.
  • These internal conflicts are the sources of stress, discomfort and unhappiness subconsciously.
  • If you don't resolve these conflicts, you will continue to be unhappy throughout life.

  • Our research shows that over 90% of the population is incongruent with their true nature.
  • That means the majority of us are unaware of the potentials we have, and don't even know why we are unhappy with ourselves.

Happiness is Being True to Yourself

  • Being happy is to re-discover that true-self in you, and be congruent with your nature.
  • Once you discovered your true-self, you will know what is good for you, and what is not.
  • No one can be happy if they are not true to themselves.
  • The problem is that most people don't even know who they really are born with naturally.

How Can You Discover Your True-Self?

  • We have the most advanced, scientifically-proved, patented assessment instrument to help discover your true-self.
  • This tool is called CORE MAP® (Multidimensional Assessment Profile).

  • This profile can help us determine the difference between your true-self and adopted-self.
  • It will reveal the incongruency between your nature and nurture.
  • It also detects your perception, your preference, your coping style, and your stress level.

  • It is a multi-dimensional assessment profile where it reveals you as a person at different angles.
  • It also reveals your filters and blind-spots that are unconscious to you.

  • The profile is highly accurate, interpreted by an expert coach and confirmed with you in its accuracy in a 2-hr session.
  • The depth of understanding about the core self that is truly you is transformational and enlightening after the 2-hr session.

  • We guarantee that you will be satisfy with the insight that brings you in understanding more about yourself.
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