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Team Building

  • We can do everything by ourselves if we live in an island.
  • But in the real-world, we need to cooperate with others to get things done.
  • Furthermore, no one is perfect, some are good at one thing while others are good at others.

  • So in order to maximize each person's ability to create a bigger “whole”, we need cooperation and collaboration — this is “team building”.
  • Teamwork” is the key to success in the real-world!

How Do You Create An Effective Team?

  • An effective team relies on the partners (team players) to get the job done.
  • By definition, a team involves cooperation of multiple partners — they are in it for the same goal.

  • Each team player is expected to play its own part — although intuitive, yet extremely important.
  • If team players are doing someone's part — the team would fail — this is the most common cause of team failure.

  • For example, if you want to build a table, and everyone is trying to work on the same legs, you will never get the table done because they interfere with one another.
  • If you want to get the table done, each person has to work on their own parts, not interfere with others, and each person is able to communicate with each other to make the parts fit — that's teamwork!

What are the Ingredients of a Team to Make it Functional and Effective?

  • A team needs to have an effective team-leader — again, although intuitive, yet it's vital to the success of a team.
  • Most team-failure is due to either an ineffective leader or other team-players trying to interfere with that leading role.

  • An effective team-leader is able to:
  •    delegate appropriate responsibility to each team-member,
  •    oversee the overall operation of the team project,
  •    communicate with each team-member so the parts can fit together seamlessly,
  •    most importantly, assign the right person to do the right job.

Why Some Teams Fail?

  • Our research shows that most team failure is due to the inability to cooperate and collaborate among team-members.
  • One of the reasons why cooperation and collaboration failed is because of the wrong people being assigned to the wrong job.
  • Essentially, it is the failure of the team-leader, and consequently, the failure of the team-members.

What are the Essential Components for a Successful Team?

  • Our research shows that there are 4 basic components of a team.
  • Each of these four components plays a pivotal role in building a successful team.
  • The team-players can take on one of these four pivotal roles forming a team of a “quadrat”.
  • Each team-member of this quadrat contributes collaboratively to the “whole” as a team.
  • It's this “division of labor” that makes a team successful in the real-world.
  • Any team that lacks any one of these pivotal cooperative and collaborative components will fail.

How Can We Help You Create An Effective Team?

  • We offer “Team Building Seminars and Workshps” to our corporate clients.
  • The Team Building Program consists of two parts:
  •    (1) Identifying and establishing the four pivotal components of a team for team-members.
  •    (2) Creating the cooperative and collaborative environment to facilitate effective teamwork.
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