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Stress Management

  • To be effective in life, you have to be able to manage and handle stress properly.
  • That's because if we don't deal with stress adequately, it will slow our productivity down.
  • It will lead to downward spiral, and drag us down if the stress is left unchecked.
  • Our body and mind will shut down if stress lasts for too long a period of time without resolving it.

What is Stress?

  • Stress is the reaction of the body (and mind) responding to critical conditions that need our attention.
  • It is the body's defense mechanism to fight off unwanted conditions.

  • The stress stimulus often causes an alarm in our body to pay attention to address and ward off the unwelcomed intrusions.
  • The body's reaction is to respond to the stressful stimulus/condition, most often passively than actively.

What is the Difference Between Stress and Crisis?

  • Crisis is the acute condition which causes potential eminent danger that needs immediate attention.
  • Stress is a chronic condiiton in which the perceived danger persists over a long period of time without resolving it.

  • Crisis and stress are similar in that they both create a threat to the integrity of a person.
  • The difference is that if crisis is not dealt with or resolved, it becomes stress over time.

  • That's why it is important to know the essential skills how to handle crisis and cope with stress.
  • Otherwise, if they are ignored, they will haunt you and the body will shut down in respond to the stress.

How Do You Manage Stress Better?

  • First, you have to identify where the sources of stress are and what cause them to occur.
  • Second, you have to recognize and acknowledge how the stress affected you.
  • Third, you have to find better coping skills to eliminate the stressful conditions.

  • We can help you manage stress even before they occur — that is the smart way to get the upper hand on things in life.
  • The reason why we can help to prevent stress in the first place is that our research identified some of the most common sources of stress factors so you can pinpoint them before they occur.
  • By identifying those stress factors in a person, we are able to reduce the chance of you having to encounter those stressful situations.

The CORE difference:

  • We use the patented CORE MAP® profile to pinpoint the source of stress in a person based on the reported profile from our clients.
  • Based on these assessments, we can coach you through the process of eliminating the stress conditions, and set yourself free.

  • The sources of stress often come from the incongruency between the wants and needs not getting met.
  • They often have to do with how we expect of ourselves and others, and incongruency creates conflicts and dilemmas.
  • The CORE MAP® profile can identify these hidden stress factors that you may not even aware of them, but are so true once we help you put the finger on them.

  • Once you can put the finger on them, and identify them so you can work on reducing them.
  • Our coach can also help you find ways where you can cope so much effectively by tapping into your own natural coping style.
  • Most often, the problem of cumulated stress is due to the ineffective coping skills in handling stress that are unnatural to your true-self.
  • But once you identified your true-self, you will be able to cope so much better with your natural ability without extra efforts — handling stress is just a breeze then!
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