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The Self-Discovery Process

  • Finding the true-self (true nature) is an art and a science.

  • Our research shows that people will eventually discover their true-self as they age.
  • It will take a lifetime for some people to arrive at that place called “home” to themselves.

  • With the right tools to identify who you are that you are born with, and
  •    with the expertise of a professional coach who can guide you through the discovery process,
  •    you will discover your true nature in 2-hour guaranteed!

How Long Does it Take to Discover Your True-Self without Professional Assistance?

  • For some people, it will take a lifetime.
  • For other people, they will leave this earth without even knowing who they truly are.
  • Some will take a life-crisis, such as a mid-life crisis or an empty-nest syndrome, to do the soul-searching to discover themselves.

Soul-Searching in Mid-Life Crisis

  • What is mid-life crisis all about?
  • In mid-life crisis, soul-searching often lead them to realize they have lived a life contrary to their true-nature.
  • They'd rather quit what they do, come home to their true-self and live happily rather than running the rat race.
  • No money in this world will make them happier than being true to their nature!

Soul-Searching in Empty-Nest Syndrome

  • What is “empty-nest syndrome” all about?
  • When kids left home, their emptiness often lead them to search for who they really want in life.
  • After spending their whole life bringing up kids, they want to know what they want for themselves instead.
  • They all arrive at the same destination in realizing that their true-self is different from the adopted-self — the one who they had played a role as parents for so long.

  • This is the power of discovering your True-Self!

What will You Experience Once You Discover Your True Nature?

  • You can learn how to live fully and successfully when you know how.
  • You will know the basic wants and needs that make you happy.
  • You will know how to communicate your wants and needs to others.
  • You will know how to get these wants and needs fulfilled:
  •    for you and
  •    for your significant others.

The Art and Science of Self-Discovery

  • Achieving success is an art
  • because it is unique for each person.

  • Achieving success is also a science
  • because the skills to success can be learned and
  • improved with the "know-how" and with practice.

  • This is why we are here to help you reach that state by coaching you, and
  • guiding you through the process
  • so that you will find the path
  • to your True Nature.

How to Discover Your True Nature?

  • We have the most advanced, scientifically-proved, patented assessment instrument to help discover your true-self.
  • This tool is called CORE MAP® (Multidimensional Assessment Profile).

  • This profile can help us determine the difference between your true-self and adopted-self.
  • It will reveal the incongruency between your nature and nurture.
  • It also detects your perception, your preference, your coping style, and your stress level.

  • It is a multi-dimensional assessment profile where it reveals you as a person at different angles.
  • It also reveals your filters and blind-spots that are unconscious to you.

  • The profile is highly accurate, interpreted by an expert coach and confirmed with you in its accuracy in a 2-hr session.
  • The depth of understanding about the core self that is truly you is transformational and enlightening after the 2-hr session.

  • We guarantee that you will be satisfy with the insight that brings you in this self discovery process.
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