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Relationship Matching: Love will Conquer All — Is it Really True?

  • It's a societal myth that “love will conquer all”.
  • Our research shows that love alone cannot sustain a relationship.
  • That's why people live in misery even though they love one another, especially in co-dependent relationships.

Why does relationship compatibility play such as cruical role in forming satisfying relationships?

  • Because an incompatible relationship natually causes conflicts in the “wants and needs department”.

  • The reasons why they are unhappy is because the “wants and needs” are not met when they are incompatible.
  • This is the classic example of the “odd couple” who love and hate, and combust spontaneously.

  • Because “wants and needs” are so basic and intrinsic to each person, they cannot be compromised.
  • In fact, if they are compromised, they eventually become the source of dissatisfaction and resentment.

The Mate-Selection Process

  • Our research shows that mate-selection is a highly selective process — people tends to seek out particular traits in their partner.
  • Ironically, the traits most people seek out in relationship often are the very traits that break a relationship!
  • Most people are attracted to the traits that they don't have, but ended up having difficulties relating to those traits — the cause of most break-ups.
  • That's because most people in our population are unconscious or unaware of this fatal attraction!

How to Find a Compatible Relationship?

  • To find a compatible relationship, you have to know you own type first.
  • Then you will be able to find the type that fits your personality.
  • Based on the characteristics of the personality type, then you will be able to consciously select the compatible traits that fulfill your wants and needs.

How Can We Help You Identify The Personality Traits that Is Compatible With Your Ideal Partner?

  • We have the best assessment tools in the world to help you identify your own personality traits.
  • The CORE MAP® profile can help us pinpoint the character traits you have that forms your core self.
  • From there, we can guide you through the process of figuring out which type is the most compatible type that will get your wants and needs met.

  • We will coach you the process so that you will know what to expect and what to look forward to.
  • We will help you identify those traits so you can look for them when you meet someone — so you will no longer be seeking blindly.
  • We will help you tap into your own unique character traits to attract the very person who you want to be with.

The Art and Science of Finding the Right Match

  • Finding a compatible partner is not just an art, but a science of knowing how to select the right person at the right time.

  • The science is like having a compass — with it, you will know the direction you are heading.
  • Without such tools and knowledge, it will become finding a needle in a haystack — doing a lot of searching but turning up nothing.
  • CORE MAP® provides the instrument for you to seek with the right direction.

  • The art is to use your intuition that is natural to you in the discovery process.
  • To discover what intuition you have that suits you the most is what coaching can help you.
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