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To Stay or to Leave in a Relationship?

  • This is one of the most difficult questions if you are in a relationship crossroads.
  • How do you know whether to leave or to stay?
  • It turns out from our research there are objective ways to figure out whether a relationship is worth keeping or it's time to end it.

  • One of the most difficult parts of the decision lies in the emotional entanglement in the relationship.
  • If you can sort these issues out one at a time, it is much easier to arrive at a resolution that will find most comfortable with so you can be at peace with yourself and your partner.

  • If you decide that the relationship is worth keeping, you will work toward making it work.
  • If you figure out that it's time to end the relationship, you will want to find out how to bring closure to the relationship in peace, and move on with your life.
  • We are here to help you find a solution that will give you a positive experience rather than a negative experience common to most relationship breakups.

Why don't Relationships Last?

  • Relationships all have a lifetime.
  • Some last longer than others.
  • Some last till death.
  • Ohers last till they breakup — they all have a lifetime.

  • There is a difference between love and relationship — love is forever but relationship has a lifetime.

Doesn't Love Last Forever?

  • Yes, love is forever, but relationship is not.
  • The truth is — the love you have will always be there, even though the relationship is not.

  • This is one of the most difficult concepts in a relationship for people to grasp.

Why Do Relationships End?

  • A relationship ends when it fails to serve it's function — when it is no longer working or functional.
  • When a relationship fails to serve it's role for whatever reasons, it is dead — it's no longer a relationship.

  • Most people tend to hang on to dead relationships, which is most painful and create misery in life.
  • Ending relationship doesn't mean ending love — that's the difference.

How Do You Know When It's Time To End a Relationship?

  • Our research shows that when a relationship stops growing, it is dead.
  • Relationships stop growing for many reasons:

  • It can be due to incompatibilities — either in personality mismatch, conflicts or incompatibilites in values, views, intelligence level, emotional level or spiritual level.
  • It can be due to conflicts of interests.
  • It can be due to negativity.

  • If you are in a relationship that is no longer functioning or is painful, we can help you sort things out in the relationship coaching process.

How Can You End a Relaitionship Peacefully?

  • Relationships can end in peace rather than in fights, contrary to the common belief that ending relationships are awful.
  • Relationships CAN end in GOOD TERMS, if you know the way.

  • Our research shows relationships that terminate in good terms often help the next relationship to grow.
  • People who end relatioships in good terms often find peace within themselves and in life.
  • They often find better and more satisfying relationships in the future.

How Can You Bring Closure to a Relationship?

  • We have the best assessment tools in the world to help you identify whether your relationship is compatible or not.
  • The CORE MAP® profile can help us pinpoint whether your personality traits are compatible with your partner.
  • It can also reveal whether the negative character traits may interfere with your relationship.
  • It can help diagnose where the source of conflicts in your relationship may lie.
  • It can find out whether your wants and needs are met in the relationship.

  • We can coach you to find the path to resolve these conflicts.
  • If the conflicts are unresolvable, we will help you find a way to dissolve the relationship in peace and in good terms.
  • We will help you find the light to look forward to the positive side of ending a non-functioning relationship and move on to a better and more satisfying relationship.
  • Bringing closure to a relationship is one of the most peaceful moments in life.
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