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Positive Psychology

  • “Positive psychology” is having a positive attitude toward the expected outcomes — being in good-faith.
  • Some people call it “positive thinking”.
  • Others call it “optimism”.
  • In essence, it is our attitude in seeing things in positive light rather than seeing them negatively.

How Does Positive Attitude Affect Successful Outcomes?

  • In psychology, it is called “self-fulfilling prophecy”.
  • If you expect to see things turn out okay, you will create the path that would lead to successful outcome.
  • If you expect to see things turn out to be a disaster, you will choose to create the conditions that would lead to failure.

  • Our research shows that successful people are the positive “can-do” people who have faith in themselves and others to can make things happen.

Why Do Negative Thoughts Lead to Disastrous Results?

  • Because it is “self-fulfilling prophecy” again — when you see things negatively, you tend to choose the wrong path that lead to disastrous results.
  • Even if things turn out positively, because of the negative attitude, people tend to discount the positive outcomes, and seek out the negative effects to justify their viewpoint.
  • As a result, they actively select the doomed path by turning back on the successful path!

  • This “self-talk” is so pervasive that the person is not consciously aware of it most of the time.
  • They will do anything to justify their negative viewpoint, thus creating the disastrous path for themselves to fail.
  • So we are the creator of our own perception.

How Can You Develop A Positive Psychological Outlook?

  • It's simple.
  • You have to believe in it.
  • If you believe in positivity, you will create the positive environment for success.
  • You will attract the positive people who will support you in succeeding.
  • When you succeed with a positive attitude, you will give you the strengths and courage to continue to be a positive person, and believing in yourself the next time.
  • You will start having faith in yourself and in others, and make your dreams come true.

How Can We Help You Develop These Positive Skills?

  • Our coaches are positive people with positive empowering attitude toward life and success.
  • We believe positively that we can affect changes in others as role-models for our clients.
  • We have faith in our clients that they will make positive changes in their life to create positive outcomes.
  • Positive attitude is contagious, success leads to success, positivity leads to positive outcomes.
  • We will empower our clients to achieve their personal best in their path to success.
  • We create the supportive environment for positive thinking, and help our clients in the coaching process to think positively and succeed.
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