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What is Personality?

  • Personality is the in-born traits that are unique to an individual.
  • It is the characteristics of a person — the character traits that define who we are.
  • These character traits are “temperaments” and “preferences” that determine our behaviors.

  • Each one of us is born with a set of unique character traits.
  • These traits determine how we think, feel and operate in this world.
  • These traits are as unique as we are as individuals, and they differ from person to person.

Who are the Pioneers of Personality Research?

  • Hypocrates first delineated personality types around 450 B.C.
  • Hypocrates described the four basic types of personality as “temperaments”.
  • Although the terminology for these 4 basic temperament types have changed over 2500 years, the basic idea remains unchanged.

  • Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, introdced personality “preferences” in the last century.
  • Preferences are the natural inclinations in which we operate in this world —
  •    how we prefer to do things.

  • Personality preference is similar to hand-preference (handedness) —
  •    Right-handed people prefer to use their right-hand over their left-hand, and vice versa.
  •    Our personality has preference too, we tend to prefer behave in a certain way over others.

Can Persoanlity Change Over Time?

  • The answer is yes and no.
  • Yes, the preference can change —
  •    that is, if you are left-handed, you can be converted to use your right hand first.

  • And, no, because you still are a “lefty” even if you are converted to use your right hand.
  • So the answer is no, as far as the intrinsic preference is concerned.

  • But, yes, if you are talking about how external influence can alter your preference.
  • What it means is that, given the free choice, you will naturally go back to use your left hand,
  •    i.e., gravitate toward your nature.

So How Do Nature and Nurture Influence Our Behavior?

  • Since we are born with a set of character traits (temperaments and perferences),
  •    they form the “core” self in us — our “nature”.

  • Other environmental conditions, such as upbringing, social pressure, etc., can alter our preferences in life.
  • This is the “nurture” that influences the expression of our behaviors.

  • If the nurture is tapping into our core nature so we can express fully,
  •    we will excel and do our very best.
  • But if the nurture is forcing us to counter core nature,
  •    it will create conflicts, interfere with our nature, and slow us down.

Why is it so Important to Tap into your Nature?

  • Our research shows that if we happen to change our personality traits in life unknowingly, and
  •    converted into someone who we are not,
  •    we will experience great discomfort in life because
  •    we will live in incongruency, creating conflicts and unhappiness within ourselves and others!

How Do You Become Congruent With Your Nature?

  • We have the most advanced, scientifically-proved, patented assessment instrument to help discover your true-self.
  • This tool is called CORE MAP® (Multidimensional Assessment Profile).

  • This profile can help us determine the difference between your true-self and adopted-self.
  • It will reveal the incongruency between your nature and nurture.
  • It also detects your perception, your preference, your coping style, and your stress level.

  • It is a multi-dimensional assessment profile where it reveals you as a person at different angles.
  • It also reveals your filters and blind-spots that are unconscious to you.

  • The profile is highly accurate, interpreted by an expert coach and confirmed with you in its accuracy in a 2-hr session.
  • The depth of understanding about the core self that is truly you is transformational and enlightening after the 2-hr session.

  • We guarantee that you will be satisfy with the insight that brings you in this self discovery process.
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