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Settng Personal Goals

  • To succeed in life, you have to set your own personal goals.
  • You can't succeed if you don't have any goals to aim for.

  • Although most of our goals are set subconsciously when we tell ourselves what we want to do when we grow up,
  •    by setting conscious goals, we are able to achieve them more realistically.

How to Set Your Personal Goals:

  • Setting goal is a state of mind.
  • It is our attitude toward what we want to achieve.
  • It is the determination you have to get what you want.

How Do You Know What Your Goals Are?

  • You need to have a future vision of what you want.
  • You need to have an idea of what you wants and needs are.

  • You need to know what is most important to you
  • because there are always competing wants and needs that conflicts with each other.

  • We all know that in the real-world, we cannot have everything.
  • We “can't have the cake and eat it too” because there are competing interests.

  • So making choices is one of the most challenging problems in most people.

How Do You Decide How to Prioritize What Is Most Important to You?

  • To decide what is most important for you to achieve (in goal-setting),
  •    you need to resolve conflicts when there are competing interests.
  • That is the decision-making process that leads us to either succeed or fail to achieve what we want.

  • To determine what is most important, you have to find out your “wants” and “needs” are.

What are Your “Wants”?

  • Wants” are the desires you have.
  • They are the “niceties” that adds to the cream of the cake.
  • They are often optional.
  • You can live without them.
  • You won't die if you don't have them.

What are Your “Needs”?

  • Needs” are the essentials that you need to have.
  • They are the “bare minimum” of what you need to live comfortably.
  • They are absolutely essential to have.
  • You would feel you cannot live without them.
  • You would rather die if you don't have them — they are that important!

  • Needs are intrinsic to your core-self.
  • The psychological needs in one person is different from the needs of another person.
  • These emotional needs are unique to each individual person.

How to Resolve Competing Interests in Goal-Setting?

  • It's easy to resolve if you can separate out the “wants” from the “needs”.
  • Then you can prioritize what is more important to you to achieve.

  • In order to know what your wants and needs are, you need to know your core-self first.
  • Because your core-self determines what your true “needs” are, aside from your “wants”.

  • To figure out what your true “needs”, we have the most accurate profiling tool to help you determine your core-self, including identifying the intrinsic needs that you absolutely need to have to make you happy.

How to Discover Your True Nature?

  • We have the most advanced, field-tested, patented assessment instrument to help discover your true-self.
  • This tool is called CORE MAP® (Multidimensional Assessment Profile).

  • This profile can help us identify your core-self — the intrinsic person that you are born with.
  • It will reveal the intrinsic needs that you need to have that makes you happy.
  • It identifies your perception by removing your filters so you can know what you truly need in life.
  • It also determine your preference — what you prefer to have so you can set your goals more clearly.

  • It is a multi-dimensional assessment profile where it reveals you as a person at different angles.
  • Once we can assess you with this profile, the coach can help remove your filters and blind-spots that may block you from getting your needs met.

  • The profile is highly accurate, interpreted by an expert coach and confirmed with you in its accuracy in a 2-hr session.
  • The depth of understanding about the core self that is truly you is transformational and enlightening after the 2-hr session.

  • We guarantee that you will be satisfy with the insight in discovering what is most important for you to have in goal-setting.
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