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Mind-Brain Connections

  • Success and happiness in life depends on having a positive attitude and holistic view of life.
  • It depends on a person's emotional maturity and intellectual maturity.
  • It depends on a person being in tune with themselves and the environment.
  • It requires a connection between the mind and body — heart and the soul.

Holistic Living

  • Living “holistically” means that a person is willing to let go of control.
  • It means a person is open-hearted and open-armed to embrace the whole as well as its parts.
  • It means living whole-heartedly with themselves and with others.

How Do You Live Holistically?

  • It requires living authentically with yourself and with others.
  • It requires having a positive attitude toward potential outcomes rather than being a “control freak” to control its outcomes.
  • It requires being in tune with yourself emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
  • It requires the connection with the heart and soul, the mind and brain.

Scientific Basis for Holistic Connection between Mind-Body, Physical and Mental Well-Being

  • Scientific research shows that well-being in the body can affect the mental state via the neuro-endocrine system.
  • In other words, physical well-being translates into mental well-being.
  • Mental well-being also feedback to strengthen the immune system (and vice versa, for instance, stress weakens the immune system, which is why people can worry-sick — mental stress causes physical ailments because stress hormones suppress the immune system.)
  • This is the scientific basis for the feedback cycle in physical and mental well-being that most people called “holistic living”.

How Can You Find the Connections between the Mind and Body, Heart and Soul?

  • Living holistically means being in touch with your heart and soul, mind and body.
  • It's the ability to find connections between mind and soul, heart and head, and be in tune with them.

  • It requires the understanding that if we are in touch with our body, we will be in touch with our mind.
  • If we are in touch with our heart, we are in touch with our soul.

Is There Any Scientific Basis for Holistic Living?

  • Our research shows that people who find congruency between their mind and body often live holistically rather than disjointly.
  • They tend to find meanings in the connections and live in fluidity, transitioning from one state to another peacefully.
  • Brain imagining studies also showed that people who are in the meditative state often reduce stress and reach the mental state of tranquility.

  • This is what the ancient arts, such as Tai-Chi and Yoga, try to achieve by transcending to the next level of spirit in the mind.

How Can We Help You Live Holistically?

  • Living holistically is like living at peace with the universe — it transcends at a high-level.
  • We can help you be in touch with yourself and find the connections between physical and mental states in our coaching process.
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