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Born-Leaders Are Like Athlete's Natural Ability

  • Leader is like an athlete, you have to have the natural in-born gifted ability first before you can excel in it.
  • As in an athlete, if you have the natural ability, the training will help you excel into a champion —
  •    whereas if you are not born with that ability, no matter how much training you have, it will never be as good as the natural one — let's face it, and try not to pretend it isn't.

  • Leadership ability is similar — if you are born-leader, the leadership training will help you succeed to the top.
  • But if you are not a born-leader, no matter how much leadership skills you acquired, how much leadership training you got, they will not help you become an effective leader.

Peter's Principle in Acquired-Leaders

  • “Peter's Principle” is where someone is promoted to the top without the ability to lead.
  • Such acquired leader often fails miserably.
  • Everyone is dissatisfied with such ineffective leader, and the entire organization suffers.

  • There is no substitue for a born-leader who can lead effectively; just like there is no substitute for a natural athlete. Not everyone can win the Olympics no matter how much training you got.

  • Our research shows there is a difference between born-learders and acquired-leaders.
  • Born-leaders are the natural leaders who have the natural ability to make decisive decisions.
  • Whereas for acquired-leaders, no matter how much leadership skills are taught, they often fall short of what is expected of a leader.

Why Acquired-Leaders Fail in the Real-World?

  • The reason why leadership skills cannot be taught is because of the decision-making ability, which is a gifted in-born trait.
  • You can teach one how to be a leader, but when it comes down to decision-making, it is not something that cannot be taught easily.

  • Acquired-leaders often either make poor decisions or unable to make decision at the right moment.
  • Delaying a decision is a missed opportunity that can lead to failure (loss) instead of success (gain) in corporate environment.

  • The reason why acquired-leaders fail to make those critical decisions is because they are not comfortable with assessing the situation in risk-taking — they are either too conservative (which leads to inaction), too impulsive (which leads to crashes) or too indecisive (which leads to nowhere) in those decision-making processes.

  • Why can't those decision-making ability be taught?
  • Because if we make decisions out of our comfort zone, they almost always fail — what is a right decision for one is wrong for another! But corporate decisions cannot be dependent on personal comfort zone!

  • Success is dependent on the ability to meet life's challenges decisively, not too early and not too late, with a grand vision!

Why Born-Leaders Have Those Intrinsic Ability to Lead?

  • Decision-making is as unique as each individual.
  • What is right for one person is wrong for another person.
  • The reason why decision-making is so crucial in leadership is because effective leaders can make critical decisions decisively at the right moment.
  • That decision-making ability in sizing up the opportunity is an intuition that is born with rather than acquired.
  • That's why corporations pay CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) millions of dollars to make these critical decisions.

  • Like athletic ability, a born-leader is born with the leadership ability, and
  •    the skills is perfected by the leadership training.
  • As in an athlete, without the natural in-born ability, training and skill-drilling can only produce an average athlete, not an Olympic-class athlete.

What Makes A Leader Effective?

  • Our research shows that all effective leaders are born-leaders, whereas ineffective leaders are acquired-leaders.
  • For example, tyrants are classic ineffective leaders who aspired to be a leader but are not born as a leader, who hang on to power inspite of their inability to lead.
  • Another example, micro-managers are ineffective leaders who tend to be “control freaks”, and see only trees (details) without seeing the forest (big picture) — they are acquired-leaders, not born-leaders.

  • Most failures and dissatisfaction in the corporate world are due to micro-managers being put in charge of key positions.
  • A true leader leads with hands-off approach, entrusts people to do their best rather than micro-manages them with distrust or looks over everyone's shoulder to get the job done.

How Can You Find Out If A Person Is A Born-Leader?

  • We have the highly accurate, patented CORE MAP® multi-dimensional profile to identify whether a person is a born-leader or not.
  • We assess a person's ability like taking a picture at multiple angles to pinpoint the person's in-born traits, and filter out the acquired traits.
  • Our coaches are experienced coaches who specialize in identifying the difference between in-born traits and acquired traits.
  • We also confirm and verify with our clients to ensure those assessments are accurate and validated.

Leadership Training Program

  • We also provide “Leadership Training Program” for corporate clients.
  • The Leadership Training and Leadership Development Programs consist of two parts:
  •    (1) Assessment of leadership traits in our clients to determine their leadership ability;
  •    (2) Leadership skill training seminar/workshop to provide the essential skills for effective leadership.
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