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Job Satisfaction

  • Our research shows that job satisfaction in career depends on a number of factors:

  • Job fit / job match
  • Expected accomplishments
  • Reward feedback and appreciations
  • Freedom to achieve (passion)
  • Sense of control
  • Challenges and stimulations
  • Upward mobility
  • Achievements
  • Job performance

Job Passion = Job Satisfaction

  • Our research shows that people who are passionate about their job/career are the ones who have the greatest job satisfaction.
  • The factor that stands out the most in the above list is “passion”.
  • When people find passion in their career, they will automatically fulfill all of the above job satisfaction needs.
  • When people find passion in their work — it's not just a job, it's a career!

Career, Hobby and Passion

  • Why do people enjoy their hobby so much even without getting paid?
  • It's because they found a “passion” in what they do.
  • If you can find passion in your career as much as you found passion in your hobby, you will definitely achieve great job satisfaction and increase your job productivity.

How to Find Passion in Your Career?

  • You have to find the right career that matches your needs, just like finding a hobby that satisfies your desire.
  • You have to find stimulation in the career, just like you find stimulation in your hobby.
  • You have to find it rewarding to work in your career, just like you find satisfaction in your hobby.

How Can We Help You Find Your Passion In Your Career?

  • We are specialized in career development.
  • We can help you determine what are the areas that you find most satisfying based on your personal chacteristics.
  • We use the patented CORE MAP® profile to help identify the areas of work that will satisfy your wants and needs the most.
  • We can help you decide what career path may fit your type the best in the career coaching process.
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