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Job Fit = Job Satisfaction

  • Our research shows that job-fit is one of the deciding factors in job satisfaction in a person's career.

  • Job fit is finding a match between you and your career.
  • It is like finding a match in a relationship —
  •    if there is a match, you will be happy;
  •    if there isn't, you will feel unsatisfied.

Job Match

  • Job match means finding a job that fits your needs.
  • Job match means finding a job that fits your desires (goals).
  • Job match means finding a job that fits your ability.
  • Job match means finding a job that fits your intellectual level.
  • Job match means finding a job that fits your personality type so you can have fun doing it.

Placing the Wrong Person in The Wrong Job

  • Our research shows that most problems in the corporate world is created by putting the wrong person in the wrong job.
  • As a result, employees are dissatisfied, and the employer is unhappy with their performance.
  • Productivity would go down, and the company suffers.

  • “Placing the wrong person in the wrong job” is one of the most common reasons why there are employees turnovers —
  •    costing companies to spend more money to re-train and re-hire, perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Finding the Right Person for The Right Job

  • Productivity increases when a company can find the right person for the right job.
  • It's a win-win situation because profit will increase, job satisfaction will improve —
  •    everyone is happy.

  • If you find your company getting stuck in productivity, and having problems with employee turnover,
  •    then ask the question:
  •    Are you placing the wrong people in the wrong job?

How Do You Know If an Employee is the Right Person for the Right Job?

  • The best is to screen the potential candidate employees in the pre-hiring process — so there would be no waste of time or training if there is a mismatch.
  • If you already hired them, then you would want to find out if they are placed in the right job.
  • If not, you may need to place them in the right position so that they can work more happily, and you will get better productivity.

  • One of the most important factors in finding a match in job placement is fitting the job with personality/character traits:

  • For instance, if you put introverts to work in customer service, they will send your customers away because they don't like to deal with people.
  • On the other hand, if you put extroverts to work in customer service, they will love their job and make your customers happy.

  • Similarly, if you put extroverts to work in a desk job, it will drive them nuts because they need the people contacts to be happy.
  • On the other hand, if you put introverts to work in a desk job, they will love it because they just like to hide behind the desk, work on their own things and not be bothered by others.

  • Another example is that if you place a follower as the leader, you will never get any decision made right because followers are very indecisive.
  • If you put a leader into a subordinate (follower) position, you will end up the subordinate challenging every decision the leader makes.

  • Another common example is that most corporations put an introvert as the manager, which ends up micro-managing the last details, driving everyone up the wall.
  • A good manager is an extrovert who knows how to deal with people with a big vision (not nitpicking nor not-trusting people to do their jobs).

  • This illustrates how important personality traits are in job placement.

How Can We Help You Find the Right Person For the Right Job?

  • We have the most sophisticated multi-dimensional profile (CORE MAP®) that can determine different aspects of a person's “in-born traits” that are vital in job placement.
  • We can determine if a person is a born-leader or not.
  • We can determine if a person is truly an extrovert or a “closet extrovert”, for example!

  • One of the most misleading indicators is that most other personality profiles identify the psuedo-traits that falsely represent the true person.
  • As a result, people are “boxed” into a role, which often creates resentment and dissatisfaction.
  • No one likes to be put into a box that they don't belong/fit.

Why do Other Personality Profiles Fail to Identify the True Character Traits?

  • Most other personality profiles identify the traits representing the day people took the profile rather than the true person.

  • “Closet extrovert” is a classic example how other profiles mistyped and mislabeled people.

  • A classic example we encountered is when our clients reported that their company used the other well-known personality profile to type their employess, and everyone came back typed as introverts because the company was downsizing at the time.
  • As it turned out, our clients are true in-born extroverts who turned introverts because of stress and pressure.
  • Once the stress is relieved, they revert back to their true self.

  • If a company relies on erroneous data to place the employees, that's how they would get employee dissatisfaction and low morale!

How Do We Ensure Our Profile Is Highly Accurate?

  • Our patented CORE MAP® profile is a truly time-tested and field-tested instrument that would not mis-identify or mislabel people.
  • Our profile is more than just giving you the computerized report — it is analyzed and interpreted by a human expert — our coach facilitator.
  • Our coaches are trained to recognize the difference betweeen nature and nurture, in-born traits and acquired traits.

  • We verify and confirm our analysis with our clients to ensure its accuracy — we don't just label our clients based on the computerized report.
  • It takes us 2 hours in the follow-up coaching process to accurately identify and validate the true nature of our client's profile report.

  • That's why we stand by the quality of our service and excellency of our products with satisfaction guarantee.
  • We are proud to be the best in the industry!
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