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Crisis Resolution

  • The most critical stress in life is crisis.
  • That's because when things happened unexpectedly different from what we expect, they become a crisis.
  • Crisis often cause people to behave very different from their “normal self” if it is not resolved.

What is Crisis?

  • Crisis is the response to an eminent dangerous situation that threatens the survival of a person.
  • It causes the person to seek immediate attention to address the cause of the problem,
  •    and attempt to diffuse the situation such that it will no longer cause problems to the individual.

  • The stressful stimulus often causes such a tremendous alarm in our body that we practically stop everything else in order to address the eminent situation.
  • The person often perceives if the crisis is not resolved immediately, great harm is going to be done on them.

Why does the Body Respond to Crisis so Alarmingly?

  • It's because it is our natural defense to potential danger that needs to be address immediately.
  • Crisis responds is absolutely essential for our survival, without which our defense would be stripped.

  • This is exactly where the problem is when people either ignore their crisis or left the crisis unresolved.
  • When the crisis is unresolved immediately, the person will shut down and go into depression.

  • That's why it is important to know the essential skills how to deal with crisis and handle stress more effectively and immediately.
  • Otherwise, if crisis is not resolved, it will cumulate unconsciously, and end up eating you up alive.
  • It's the eminent nature that makes it a crisis, so don't ignore it!

How Do You Handle Crisis Better?

  • First, you have to recognize the source of stress that leads to the crisis.
  • Second, you have to acknowledge the shock that is often overwhelming you.
  • Third, you have to find alternate solutions to the problem because a person in crisis is often stuck, unable to see any way out.

  • We can help you handle crisis better by preventing it from happening, even before they occur — by de-escalating the crisis situation.
  • If the crisis has already occured, we can help you resolve the crisis with better coping skills.
  • We will stablize the condition immediately so you can get some reliefs.

  • We help you explore alternate solutions that can lead to calming down of the situation in the coaching process.
  • We empower you to find solutions that fit your circumstances the best so you can take pride in solving it yourself.
  • Our compassion will also give you the support to ride out the most difficult situations.

Our Crisis Management Expertise:

  • We are experienced in crisis counseling.
  • We have a set of field-tested crisis management skills to help people gothrough the most critical conditions in life, including suicidal situations.

  • The crisis intervention skills we have are based on years of counseling experience in major metropolitian suicide and crisis centers.
  • The ability to help resolve crisis in our clients is based on these skills and experience.

  • The most important part is that we have the knowledge in understanding
  •    the state of mind of a person in crisis,
  •    the crisis intervention model that has proven to work so successfully in real-life situations, and
  •    the compassion and non-judgmental role we take in empowering our clients to seek peaceful resolution of the crisis.
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