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Authentic Living

  • Living authentically means living a life that is true to yourself and others.
  • It means living congruently with your nature and be at peace with yourself by accepting who you are independent of what others say or do.

How Does Authentic Living Lead to Peace?

  • Because there is no need for pretense.
  • There is no need for denial.
  • There is no need to tell lies.
  • There is no fear.

  • Being true to yourself is one of the most peaceful moments in life.
  • You cannot be at peace with yourself if you lie to yourself or in denial.

Why is Authenticity so Important in Life for Success and Happiness?

  • When we are being true to ourselves, there is nothing to hide.
  • When we don't have to guard ourselves, that is when we can feel peaceful with ourselves.

  • If we are in denial or in pretense, we are guarding ourselves against the fearful.
  • When we are guarding ourselves with fear, we cannot be at peace.

  • Our research shows that contented people live an authentic life.

How Do You Live Authentically?

  • It's simple.
  • Be brave to embrace your true self.
  • Accept yourself for who you are, don't deny it or discount yourself!

  • Be proud of who you are.
  • Be brave to make mistakes — correct them if you make any mistakes.
  • Don't worry about what other people think, it's their problem — live your own life.

  • Discover who you are born-with, the core-self in you.
  • Don't let the world turn you into someone who you are not.

How Can We Help You Live Authentically?

  • First, we have the most accurate personality profile (CORE MAP®) that helps you identify your authentic-self — the true person who you are born with apart from the adopted-self who you are converted into.
  • Second, we can help you identify your core-being, the value system that is most important to you — not what you were taught to believe nor what the society expected you to believe in the coaching process.
  • Third, we help you to stand up for your own self, and pursue your own path by living authentically independent of what others said or what the society expects you to behave.
  • Fourth, we empower you to seek your own path to come home to your true self and live accordingly to your heart and soul.
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