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What is a Life Coach?

  • Life coach is a personal trainer, an advisor and a mentor in real-life.
  • An experienced life coach can help motivate you and guide you to a success path.

  • Life coach is similar to athletic coach —
  •    who help you tap into your potentials,
  •    push your envelope to reach the ultimate goals, and
  •    achieve your personal best.

  • Life coach is indispensible to succeed in life as
       athletic coach is indispensible to succeed in sports.

What does Life Coaching Do?

Life coach:
  •    motivates clients,
  •    helps them plan,
  •    helps them see through their filters,
  •    removes their blind-spots,
  •    opens doors for them to explore,
  •    makes them accountable for their success and
  •    achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How Does Coaching Work?

  • We empower you with the resources you have to chart your successful path.

  • In coaching we believe you are naturally resourceful, creative and whole,
  •    we don't go backwards to "fix" things that are broken because they are non-issues.

  • We move you forward positively towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

  • By moving forward positively,
  •    you will naturally get rid of negatives and leave the "baggage" behind.

  • We fully engaged you to make things happen
  •    so you will make dreams can come true in your life.

What Makes Our Coaching Process So Effective?

  • We are experienced coaches who are trained to specialize in human development.
  • Our coaching methodology is supported by scientific research, proven to enhance the positive results.

  • We use a systematic approach in our coaching process to enhance achievement of positive outcomes.
  • We assess your personal traits first before the coaching process so that we can identify your needs first.
  • This saves you time and our time in the exploration process, and we dive right into the areas that we can assist you the most.
  • We don't wast time, and get to work right away in our coaching process.

  • We have a plan-of-action to take you onto the right path.
  • The result is immediate, motivating and energizing.
  • Our clients often see immediate results in this process.

How Can You Get Started with the Life Coaching Process?

  • You select the subject area for coaching, and identify the area for improvement.
  • You will take an assessment profile to determine the developmental level of your personal traits.

  • This pre-coaching assessment is essential to the coaching process
  •    because it allows us to pinpoint the areas that could help your improvement.
  • It reduces the time needed to explore where your strengths and weakness are in order to move you forward.

  • Once you completed the CORE MAP® assessment profile, we will set up the phone appointment to go over the area of your interest for improvement.
  • The initial assessment using the CORE MAP® Package includes a 2-hour phone session to analyze and interpret your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The hourly-coaching session fee will be charged after the initial CORE MAP® Package 2-hour analysis session.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

  • Our coaching fee is charged by the hour at $75 per hour.
  • Discount is available for personal coaching, please contact us for more info.
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