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Coaching vs Counseling Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy Counseling Philosophy
Look forward Look backward
Motivating De-energizing
Move you to the future Take you back to your past
Positive attitude Low-key
Set you free Hold your hand
Find out what talents you have Figure out what is missing in you
Focus on what is working Fix what is broken
Work with your very best Deal with your worst fear
Discover what you have Reveal what you don’t have
Bring out the best of your personality traits Examine your pathological behaviors
Sharpen your functional behaviors Deal with your dysfunctional behaviors
Excel in your natural talents Overcome your handicaps
Cruise on with your nature Struggle upstream to correct your deficits
Empower your independent character Foster dependency on professional caregivers
Work on the here-and-now Attempt to change your past
Dump your baggage – it is a non-issue Examine your baggage – it is a big issue
Live your life and be happy Feel your pain and sorrow
Tap into your strengths and potentials Explore your wounds and miseries
Guide your own paths to success Revisit the lost paths that led you astray
Create a clear vision for your future Live in your past and dwell on it
Promote positive attitude to achieve positive results Dwell on sources of your negative attitudes that need fixing

Coaching vs Counseling Views of Clients

Empowering Coaching View of Clients Traditional Counseling View of Clients
You are whole and complete Something is missing in you
You don’t have any problems You have some major deficiencies
You have the brain You don’t have the brain to put it together
You are the person who knows yourself the best Counselor knows more than you do
You are responsible for your life to achieve the best Counselor has all the solutions for you

Effectiveness of Coaching vs Counseling

Effectiveness of Coaching Effectiveness of Counseling
Motivating and inspiring Be in touch with your fear, anger & sadness
Positive and empowering Hold your hand as a life-support system
Help you see your strengths & potentials Help you see your deficiencies & dysfunctions
See results in one or two sessions Long-term counseling is your only hope
Return visit to inform the coach of your success Revisit periodically to discuss old baggage and relapses
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