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Our Coaching Process

We use a systematic approach to enhance achievement of positive outcomes in our coaching.
Our coaching methodology is supported by scientific research.
(It is proven to enhance the positive results.)

First, we assess your personal traits first using the patented CORE MAP® profile before the coaching process so that we can identify your assets and personal traits.
(This saves you time and our time in the exploration process, and we dive right into the areas that we can assist you the most.)

Second, we ask you to provide an inventory of the areas of interest for coaching.
(This helps you target the goals for improvements.)

Third, we create a plan-of-action to take you onto the right path.
(This helps you focus on the steps needed to take to get the results.)

Fourth, we work with you on maximizing your strengths in your personal traits to achieve the end-results.
(This energizes you to tap into your personal best to succeed.)

The result is immediate, motivating and invigorating.

Our clients often see immediate positive results in this process.

Our Compassionate and Holistic Coaching Approach

  • We empower our clients to do their personal best.
  • We entrust our clients to make their own best decisions in life.

  • We promote positive thinking in our clients to seek positive results.
  • We lead our clients with a plan-of-action to succeed.

  • We assist our clients to set sight to a bigger vision.
  • We enlighten our clients with greater self-awareness and insights.

  • We guide our clients to lead their own path for achievements.
  • We provide feedback to our clients to assess their strengths and personal traits.

  • We support our clients to gain courage to meet the challenges.
  • We encourage our clients to tap into their emotional intelligence for success.

  • We create a nurturing and supportive environment for our clients to work in.
  • We help our clients appreciate the accomplishments of themselves and others.

  • We are determined to give our clients the best service.
  • We have faith in our clients that they will achieve their personal best.
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